Subculture: a cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture.

19 January 2024

It’s a broad definition but that’s what makes it great. Subculture can refer to varying tastes in clothes, music, and more.

So what draws all these variances together under the term subculture?

In terms of clothes, it is a rejection of the trends that define the modern fashion industry, and instead a far longer-lasting passion for the classic styles of your chosen scene.

When it comes to music, it is again the eschewing of the latest pop crazes dictated by the music business in favour of certain genres that speak to you, no matter the era it was released or its popularity, or lack of, with the masses.

The moniker subculture can of course be applied to many different scenes and styles, from Mods to Skinheads to Goths and any number of others. With this in mind, it would be almost impossible for any small business to successfully cater to all these groups. Instead, at ISITN we have opted to stay true to ourselves and aim to cater to the scenes that have informed our tastes. Namely, these are Mod, Skinhead, Suedehead, Casual, and Indie, though we use these titles more as indicators as opposed to pigeonholes. So when you check out our selection of vinyl, you won’t be surprised to find plenty of Paul Weller, Oasis and The Who, but you can also find a varied selection of 90s hip hop among many other genres.

The clothing we sell is retro by nature, inspired by the scenes mentioned above, but we reject tribalism and wholeheartedly encourage the mixing of styles favoured by different scenes to create your style and a contemporary twist. In short, we believe that you can be inspired by the past without being stuck in it.