Standing on the Shoulder of Giants




1 Fuckin’ in the Bushes 2 Go Let It Out 3 Who Feels Love? 4 Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is 5 Little James 6 Gas Panic! 7 Where Did It All Go Wrong? 8 Sunday Morning Call 9 I Can See a Liar 10 Roll It Over


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Release: 2000

Format: Vinyl 12" Album

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In 2000, the Britpop band released their fourth studio album, a daring modern psychedelic venture. Fusing drum loops, samples, electric sitar, mellotron, synthesizers, and backward guitars, the record embraces experimentation with electronica and profound psychedelic rock elements. Tracks like ‘Go Let It Out’, the Indian-inspired ‘Who Feels Love?’, and the progressive ‘Gas Panic!’ marked a notable departure from the band’s previous sound.