Scottish Football: Souvenirs from the Golden Years – 1946 to 1986

David Stuart & Robert Marshall



Step back in time with “Scottish Football: Souvenirs from the Golden Years – 1946 to 1986,” a nostalgic journey through four decades of Scottish football’s golden era. Delve into an era marked by diversity in trophy winners, European successes for top clubs, and memorable near-misses in prestigious competitions. Explore the allure of the British Championship, unique cup competitions, cult heroes, and vanishing stadiums, all intertwined with collectible memorabilia that defined an age where football souvenirs held genuine value. Relive a bygone period when football was pure, programs were prized possessions, and trading cards were cherished for their insights. This book offers a rare glimpse into a cherished chapter of Scottish football history, inviting readers to savor the magic of ’46 to ’86 once more.


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Publication Date: 01/11/2021

Format: Hardback

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