Eddie Piller & Dean Rudland Present Acid Jazz (Not Jazz)




1 Blacker 2 Beads, Things & Flowers 3 Come On 4 Last Night Beats 5 APB 6 Modal (Blue Train Dub) 7 Jazz Jupiter (Da Scat Mix) 8 Everything Is Going to the Beat


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Release: 2022

Format: Vinyl 12" Album

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Curated by Eddie Piller and Dean Rudland, this collection showcases the best underground club sounds of the early ’90s. Amid Acid Jazz’s rise to commercial fame with hits from Brand New Heavies and Jamiroquai, London’s club scene gained global prominence. Featuring original Acid Jazz tracks and selections from related labels, this compilation captures the era’s vibrant music scene that could ignite any dance floor instantly, offering these records a fresh platform for appreciation.