1 Beetlebum 2 Song 2 3 Country Sad Ballad Man 4 M.O.R. 5 On Your Own 6 Theme from Retro 7 You’re So Great 8 Death of a Party 9 Chinese Bombs 10 I’m Just a Killer for Your Love 11 Look Inside America 12 Strange News from Another Star 13 Movin’ On 14 Essex Dogs


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Release: 2012

Format: Vinyl 12" Album

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The English rock band’s fifth studio album marked a significant departure from their previous Britpop sound, embracing influences from American indie rock bands like Pavement. Despite initial concerns about alienating their fanbase, ‘Blur’ and its lead single ‘Beetlebum’ soared to the top of the UK charts, attaining platinum status and securing top positions in multiple countries. The smash hit ‘Song 2’ propelled ‘Blur’ to become the band’s most successful album in the US, defying expectations set by the Britpop scene.