A Culture of Kits (Signed by the Author)

John Blair



A Culture of Kits: The Definitive Guide to Classic Football Shirt Collecting is a fascinating exploration of the booming business behind the growing culture and community surrounding vintage football shirts.

The intersection between fashion and football has never been more pronounced, resulting in the market for classic football shirts growing into a multi-million-pound business in the past ten years.

Culture of Kits captures the story of the people and companies behind the growth in global collecting who have turned a once-niche pastime into mainstream fashion. Charting the milestones in the community’s rise to societal prominence, it explores the key questions surrounding this growth story. What makes a shirt a classic? What motivates collectors? Is shirt-collecting here to stay or a cyclical fashion trend?

Drawing on intel from experts and global collectors, this book lifts the lid on the cultural phenomenon of football shirt fashion and provides the ultimate guide to classic football shirt collecting.



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Publication Date: 22/01/2024

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